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DEPCO Systems Integration with RF Code

DEPCO Systems RFID product Asset Trail provides real-time tracking solutions using RF Code’s active RFID Readers, active RFID asset tags, active RFID sensor tags, and infrared based Room Locators. This integration enables Asset Trail to fully utilize all RF Code hardware features and tag information to make real time asset visibility and effective automated management with full control and security over tagged asset or people movement and behavior within an enterprise organization.

DEPCO Systems Overview

DEPCO Systems is a system integration company with specialization in several RFID deployments. DEPCO Systems’ years of experience in RFID technologies along with a dedicated, experienced and certified staff enables customers to streamline their business processes and gain direct control over their assets in a cost effective manner.

The Asset Trail Enterprise suite is capable of managing all types of assets including but not limited to IT assets, electronics, machinery, vehicles, people or any passive or active tagged item. Asset Trail provides tracking of assets in real-time starting from the acquisition of the assets in the warehouse & until they are disposed off. This enables asset managers to manage, track and secure assets outside the warehouse & during their entire operational lifespan. DEPCO Systems also offers a wide range of services including but not limited to turnkey RFID deployments, RFID application customization, system integration, operational & maintenance support, project management and consultancy.

Integration Details

Asset Trail Enterprise suite is composed of two independent parts a middleware and an application. The middleware is fully attuned to all of RF Code tag types (asset tags and sensor tags). The Sensor Policy editor part of the middleware allows the management of all RF Code tag information and policies seamlessly based upon the solution requirements. It also provides a full integration to all RF Code active readers and their settings. The application which sits on top of the middleware provides a rich set of features fully customizable to comply with end user requirements. By using RF Code technology, the Asset Trail suite of applications provides the following capabilities:

  • Real-time asset location tracking
  • Real-time RF Code tag integration and reaction (all sensor types)
  • Third party I/O sensor integration through RF Code dry contact sensor tag
  • Sensor alarm policy editor
  • Security integration through door sensor tags, programmable panic button tag and IP CCTV recordings
  • Fully manageable alerts through Email, SMS,  audio/visual alerts and remote desktop popup messages
  • Real-time & historical reports and statistics.

When combined with RF Code technology, Asset Trail Enterprise is a powerful tool which allows the automated management, real time tracking and security of any type of critical asset.

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