RF Code Announces Record Revenue for 2011

RF Code Announces Record Revenue for 2011

Company Growth Fueled by Fortune 100 Acceptance of its Wire-Free Environmental and Real-Time Asset Tracking Solutions

AUSTIN, TX (January 10, 2012) — RF Code, a leading provider of active IT asset management and wire-free environmental and power monitoring solutions, today announced that it has achieved a record-breaking greater than 100 percent year-over- year growth in revenue. This follows on the heels of the company’s continuing four-year record of increasing revenue growth, despite a listless economy. RF Code’s revenue trend parallels the market need for solutions that provide greater efficiencies for data centers, facilities organizations, hospitals and large organizations that house critical IT and other assets.

According to Mitch Medford, CEO of RF Code, this consistent upward trending in the company’s growth “is based on full market acceptance of our asset management and environmental monitoring solutions in the IT sector.  We’ve been pleasantly surprised that much of our growth comes from a significant number of seven figure deals with world renowned companies.”

Medford outlines some of the market trends spurring on the company’s growing market acceptance.

  • The escalating need to know exactly where critical rack-level assets are so that, in addition to reduced asset management costs, rack level power and cooling can be optimized.

  • Demand by large enterprises to deploy easily integratable, open solutions that leverage existing technology investments, including DCIM, EAM, BMS, ERP, video surveillance and other software.
  • The growing number of data centers implementing environmental monitoring ubiquitously throughout their facilities. The ability to affordably add granular level monitoring throughout a data center gives organizations the fine-grained data they need to raise set points and save on energy, without jeopardizing asset downtime.

According to Gartner Analyst Dave Cappuccio in his report IT and Facilities Working Together Is a Requirement to Improve Data Centers, August 4, 2011, “Forward-thinking companies have realized that to run data centers efficiently, and to extend their lives indefinitely, it is not logical to treat data center facilities and IT assets separately, because without one the other can't operate. If one is inefficient (e.g., inadequate cooling equipment on the raised floor), then the other will suffer the consequences.”  

RF Code pioneered an ingenious approach to automatically, without any manual assistance, track an IT asset’s location down to the exact rack or room in which it is located. The solution combines wireless RFID technology and infrared light in the data center to gain rack level tracking without costly wires or manual labor.  The solution also leverages the same wireless infrastructure to offer environmental monitoring as a simple add on.  The RF Code solution utilizes unidirectional communication so that there are no security issues when transmitting data about critical organizational assets.

In addition to RF Code’s explosive growth in the area of IT asset tracking and environmental monitoring, the company also exhibited strong growth in two other markets outside IT. These include:

  • The use of RF Code technology in third party health care asset tracking solutions, providing real-time tracking of: expensive hospital equipment such as mobile infusion pumps; patients; and costly pharmaceuticals. The latter provides the ability for a hospital to do just-in-time ordering of drugs.
  • The rising use of RF Code’s technology in the industrial supply chain. The world’s largest active RFID implementation, which involves tracking and managing more than 350,000 returnable carts that move from grower to seller back to grower, is done using RF Code.

For information about RF Code, please visit www.rfcode.com or call 877.463.0756

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RF Code is a leading provider of active IT asset management and environmental and power monitoring solutions as well as a leader in providing technology used by third parties to enhance their solutions. The company’s unique active RFID-based solutions provide IT professionals with a more efficient, cost-effective approach to managing IT assets and keeping technology environments in an optimal state. RF Code’s fully automated, wire-free solutions significantly reduce costs, eliminate manual labour, and deliver an immediate return on investment.  http://www.rfcode.com

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